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Welcome to the home of Isolation Outfitters. We create memorable flyfishing adventures in remote locations.

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Fanning Island Isolation Outfitters New Zealand


Explore wild and untamed fly fishing locations with us.

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Be part of our expedition angling adventures in 2024 and 2025.

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New Zealand

Trust us with your New Zealand flyfishing vacation of a lifetime.

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We only take 6-8 anglers on each expedition we operate. For fairness, we operate a 'first in, first fishing' policy. Register your interest (there's no cost or firm commitment required) in an upcoming trip & we'll honour that registration of interest by giving you first chance to confirm. Sign up to our newsletter and be first to hear our next trip announcement.

    Remote Destinations

    We connect with local anglers who help us co-host our expeditions. We work with experienced local guides to tailor every expedition to be unique to our group. Isolation Outfitters works with, but is independent to, lodges and operators. We don't book the generic off-the-shelf packages promoted by some booking agents. This is our unique point of difference.

    Global Fly Fishers

    At Isolation Outfitters, we're anglers too. And we love to fish. We like to travel, to meet the locals, to experience different cultures and cuisines. Like you, we're obsessed with exploring remote wild areas that are still untouched and untamed.

    Brown Trout Argentina Isolation Outfitters New Zealand


    Travel around the world has opening up fully again, even to remote island destinations. So we're charting a course to get into the most remote, untouched, extreme fly fishing destinations again. Come with us at Isolation Outfitters.


    Impartial advice on locations and lodges

    How our Pricing works

    OUR PROMISE: We operate under a different model to the booking agencies. We want to bring an end to the ticket-clipping, cookie-cutter, packaged tours of the past. So we deal directly with local anglers, guides and explorers to find new angling locations. We use a range of lodges, suppliers and local hosts to create and tailor professional fly fishing expeditions that are as unique as we can make them. Where we do use specialist fly fishing lodges and their house guides for you to tick off those those major bucket-list locations,they pay us a standard industry commission. We credit these commissions against our operational fees. Where our arrangement costs aren't covered by industry commissions, we will quote an operational fee in our quote to you. If we provide a co-hosted service, any host costs are normally partly or fully recovered from the operators, or met by us through these commissions in rare circumstances. We will detail any host fees in our cost breakdown. We welcome your feedback on the quality of our expeditions, our team and our business.

    2022-2023 Expeditions

    Here is a selection of our upcoming trips to whet your fly fishing appetite. Visit our Expeditions page for the full list.

    “ The hosted New Zealand trips are something special. Luxury food and drink, everything is thought of and professionally prepared. ”
    Cooper , Angler
    “ The commitment put in by the Isolation Outfitters team to fully prepare these trips will definitely pay off for their clients. ”
    Michael , New Zealand Angler
    “ Their gear lists and safety kit give me plenty of reassurance. Getting my daily call by satellite phone means a lot. ”
    Martha , Angler's spouse


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